Upcoming Guests
Monday, October 21st, 2019

Luke Wilson
In an environmental context often characterized by fear and paralysis, A Rocha is bringing hope through care of both people and places. We are preserving sensitive habitats and threatened species, growing organic food and feeding people living on low income, inspiring school children and training young people. A Rocha is changing the way people treat the earth. For Luke Wilson, Ontario Director, as he values sustainability and community living, and has a desire to live a life of worship; A Rocha was a natural fit. He brings his experiences in marketing from World Vision and The Sierra Club. Luke recently finished a Masters of Business in Nonprofit Management and is very excited about the Canadian vision for A Rocha’s work. Website: https://arocha.ca

Scott Gerbrandt
Scott Gerbrandt is the Manitoba Director for A Rocha

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Autumn Miles
If you want positive results from prayer, you first need to pray! But so many people who say they believe in the power of prayer actually pray very little . . . or not at all. It’s time to get serious about prayer. Autumn Miles says that we must stop being prayer wimps and instead be transformed into “prayer gangsters”-people who are dangerously passionate about their faith and loyalty to God. Autumn Miles had reached a point in her life where she was sick of hearing about answered prayers in other people’s lives but not seeing any in her own. Having grown up in the church as a pastor’s kid, she knew how to pray using certain words in just the right style that impressed those around her, but her prayers did nothing to draw her closer to God and what He wanted to do in and through her life. Prayer was a dead language in her life, yet she was desperate to see answers to her prayers. Frustrated with God, she had an epiphany that her prayer life had a foundation of doubt and not faith, which changed the focus and purpose of her prayers. Autumn believes that God wants to give us so much more than what we’ve been settling for. It’s time our prayer life, which has been mediocre at best, becomes something that is more fervent, more intentional, and highly expectant of seeing God answer prayers and work in our lives every single day. GANGSTER PRAYER won’t teach you how to pray, because that has distracted the church long enough. Instead, it will help reveal the heart behind a believing prayer and put the focus back on who we are praying to instead of on what we are praying for. With a changed perspective and objective, we can finally see the results from prayer we’ve been longing for-not just answers but a changed life. http://autumnmiles.com

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Timothy Naistus
Timothy was born and raised in Onion Lake First Nation Saskatchewan. Before meeting Jesus and choosing to make Him Lord of his life, Timothy was involved in gangs and drug addiction. Today, his life is a testimony to what Jesus can do when people choose to follow and trust Him.

James Park
At one time, James Park was a drug dealer, but more of a drug user. It was after his first year of university that things started to fall apart. He started to question his life and what it all meant. It was then that God spoke to James and His Spirit came upon him. James had an encounter with God in his apartment that changed the course of his life. Today James is the Lead Pastor at Trinity Evangelical Missionary Church - Waterloo http://trinityemc.com

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Lindsey R Dennis
Lindsey R. Dennis has worked with Cru for more than 15 years. She has served in international locations, as well as universities in the States, and takes great joy in getting to invest her life in students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Dennis also writes and speaks on what God has done to bring hope and healing in her life through the life and death of her first two daughters. Within a few weeks of learning the news of her first daughters’ diagnosis, she began to blog about her unfolding story of hope and loss. Within the first week she had thousands of views and within two years, she had 1.5 million pageviews and 400,000 unique visitors. Dennis loves to share with others what it looks like to know God in the midst of suffering and how to trust Him with the pen of their stories. In addition to her own blog, she is also a contributing writer for www.hopemommies.com. She lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Kevin. They have 4 children, Sophie and Dasah who now live with Jesus, and Jaden and Briella now in their arms. You can follow more of Lindsey Dennis’ journey and writings on her blog, http://vaporandmist.com

Friday, October 25th, 2019

Tasha Layton
Sometimes we have to walk in circles to move forward. Sometimes we have to see everything around us before we can see what’s right in front of us. And sometimes, God’s inexplicably unconditional love sends us on wild journeys to find our way home. Tasha Layton has circled the globe, taking in an array of people, faith and cultures, all the while compelled, driven and inspired by a love relentless and unconditional. This love runs wild and courses through each note and lyric on Tasha’s debut EP, aptly titled, Love Running Wild. Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Tasha fell in love with Jesus, music and worship early on, and she frequently sang at church and led worship for her youth group. Her heart was set aflame by the love of her Savior, yet that flame nearly blew out after painful divisions took place in her home church. Deeply wounded from an environment fueling unhealthy relationships, Tasha’s self-worth plummeted and she began to doubt her musical gifts, her calling, and her place in this world. Those fears, doubts and scars followed her to college where deep depression took hold, driving her to the brink of suicide. She knew something had to change and that she was in need of something or someone, so she changed her major from music to religion where her search began. “While I’d grown up conservatively, I wanted to know about other religions,” she explains. “I went to Buddhist meditation camp. I went to mosque and to synagogue, and I even studied mysticism in Europe for a summer. I wanted to know truth, and I needed to grasp something that was real; something that could help me heal and change.” Eventually, she found it. Her wild search led her straight back to Jesus, who was no more offended by her questions than He was disappointed with her pain. To the contrary, it seemed as if He had been searching for her. “I realized in all these other religions, you had to strive to pursue God; whereas in Christianity, He is chasing after us,” she shares. “I finally knew that after everything I had experienced, Jesus alone had the power to transform me.” http://tashalayton.com