Upcoming Guests
Monday, September 24th, 2018

Rev. Sean Brandow
Sean Brandow is Sr. Pastor of the Humboldt Bible Church. Sean was adopted Earnest and Sandra Brandow and grew up in a ministry based home. After school, Sean served for 9 years as an Associate Pastor, focussing on student ministries. In 2010 he and his family moved to Humboldt opening a new chapter of ministry as Pastor of the Humboldt Bible Church. Sean also serves as the Team chaplain for the Humbolt Broncos. He arrived at the scene of the tragic bus accident that killed 15 young Hockey players in April of this year. www.humboldtbiblechurch.ca

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Dr. Sheri Keffer
Dr. Sheri Keffer received her PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy and her Master of Arts Theology, both from Fuller Theological Seminary. She currently specializes in individual, couples and family therapy at her private practice in Newport Beach, CA. With nearly 20 years’ experience as a marriage and family therapist, Dr. Keffer believes in looking at issues from a psychological, biological and spiritual perspective. She commonly uses brain-based assessments and treatments such as EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing as she works with those dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, stress, and general life transitions. Sheri is regular co-host of the nationally-syndicated talk show New Life Live. In addition to being a relationship therapist, Dr. Keffer is a long-term member of the National Speakers Association speaking on the topics of brain health, ADD, anxiety, depression, and spiritual and relationship intimacy. In addition to her practice in Newport Beach, Dr. Keffer has worked in treating trauma and PTSD at Amen Clinics in Newport Beach and is a co-author, with Dr. Daniel Amen and Mike Moreno, of the DVD Relationship Coaching Course used on the PBS Special: The Brain in Love. www.drsherikeffer.com www.drsherikeffer.com

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Rebecca Sylvestre
First Peoples Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Rebecca grew up in a remote community where she left home at the young age of 13. Following her heart, she fill in love but experienced years of domestic abuse. She has since offered forgiveness and is a leader in her community with big dreams to help her people.

Grace Reimer
Grace Reimer shares her personal story about her pregnancy with her son, Matthew. A pregnancy which Doctors informed Grace and her husband they could have aborted had they learned of Matthew’s condition earlier. Abortion would never have been an option for Grace and her husband Don and so the decision was made that Grace would carry their sweet son to term and trust God with the outcome. The family was told that Matthew most likely would not survive through childbirth and that if he did, he would have a genetic syndrome that could cause health issues for their son, including mental challenges, hydrocephaly, cleft palate, deafness, blindness and missing limbs. Matthew was born full-term with Apgars of 8 and 9 – he had no mental disability, he was just a quadruple amputee. Matthew is now 19 and entering his 3rd year of University with a 4.05GPA. Even though Grace was told that were they to have another child, the chances of the same outcome happening were very possible, they decided to trust God with everything and Grace got pregnant with their second son, Calvin. Although Calvin was born able bodied with no complications, Grace found herself facing a new challenge with post-partum depression which lasted for 6 months. Grace and Don also share the painful experience of having miscarried a child along their journey. Grace will share her story, along with one of her sons, Matthew, about how God has helped this family how He has brought hope, peace courage, strength and joy into their lives.

Matthew Reimer
Matthew’s story begins when his parents were told that if Matthew were to survive childbirth, he would be born with a genetic syndrome that could cause serious health issues for him, including mental challenges, hydrocephaly, cleft palate, deafness, blindness and missing limbs. Gratefully, Matthew’s parents chose to place their trust in God when the prognosis was communicated that Matthew would likely not survive through childbirth. Matthew was born full-term with Apgars of 8 and 9 – he had no mental disability, he was just a quadruple amputee. With the help and support of a loving family and a strong faith in God, Matthew has met and surpassed many challenges with enormous passion and determination. Matthew is now 19 and entering his 3rd year of University with a 4.05GPA.

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

W.R. (Bill) Mills
W.R. (Bill) Mills is the Mayor of Truro, Nova Scotia.

Father Simon Lobo
Fr. Simon Lobo was ordained in Ottawa, for the Companions of the Cross, in May, 2009. He became pastor at Saint Benedict Parish Halifax, NS July 1, 2017.

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Luke Wilson
In an environmental context often characterized by fear and paralysis, A Rocha is bringing hope through care of both people and places. We are preserving sensitive habitats and threatened species, growing organic food and feeding people living on low income, inspiring school children and training young people. A Rocha is changing the way people treat the earth. For Luke Wilson, Ontario Director, as he values sustainability and community living, and has a desire to live a life of worship; A Rocha was a natural fit. He brings his experiences in marketing from World Vision and The Sierra Club. Luke recently finished a Masters of Business in Nonprofit Management and is very excited about the Canadian vision for A Rocha’s work. Website: https://arocha.ca

Alison Geleynse
Alison Geleynse is the Operation Wild Program Coordinator for A Rocha

Ana Clara
Ana Clara is the Wildthings Daycamper for A Rocha

Scott Gerbrandt
Scott Gerbrandt is the Manitoba Director for A Rocha

Walter Loewen
Walter Loewen is an A Rocha Supporter

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