Upcoming Guests
Monday, November 11th, 2019

Matt Quist
Matt Quist served in the CAF, from 2006 to 2012, as a Logistics Officer in the Canadian Army and was based in Petawawa ON. He was deployed to Kandahar for 7 months in 2010 where he had 95 all ranks in his platoon which supported the entire Canadian Task Force of 3300+ soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen. Following this Matt was in CAF, from 2013 to 2017, as a Reserve Logistics Officer, based in Calgary and in Winnipeg. Matt was injured in Winnipeg during a reserve exercise. Matt sat down with Cheryl Weber to talk about his service with CAF, the importance of Remembrance Day and what it means to him, and about how his faith has, and continues to be, a vital part of his life. Matt calls Calgary AB home where he lives with his wife, Christina, and their four children.

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Wade Sorochan
Wade grew up in a broken home. He became very sad, anxious and depressed which continued though most of his life. After finally being diagnosed with depression, anxiety (and since then ADHD and OCD), and put on a treatment program, he experienced 5 mental breakdowns over a 20-year period. His worst breakdown was in 2010 when he hit rock bottom and had serious thoughts of suicide. His wife encouraged him to go to the hospital. He went and was put under psychiatric care and placed in an intensive 3-month psychiatric program. He learned techniques to deal with his mental illness; to control his extreme worry and negative thinking. Wade acknowledges that God truly saved his life and is now guiding him to help others by sharing God’s love and providing hope for those suffering from mental illness.

Rob Melnichuk
Robert Melnichuk Director of Western Canada for 100 Huntley Street. Rob provides support YESTV operationally and CCCI in terms of Development in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Matt Cline
Matt lives in Edmonton with his wife, Louise and their son, David. He is a certified John Maxwell Team coach and speaker. Since 2014, he has been speaking publicly to churches, schools and sports teams about pornography as well as coaching men to freedom privately or in small group settings. Matt is the Founder and Director of Restored Ministries, which works in conjunction with a number of different ministries, churches and leaders who share a passion in seeing men set free from pornography and other unhealthy sexual behaviour. Prior to Restored Ministries, he co-founded a non-profit movement called Ladiesman, received ministry training through Gateway Family Church (GSS) and played hockey in the WHL and for Hockey Canada. He is passionate about his faith, his family, seeing people set free from bondage, and playing the occasional round of golf. Restored Ministries provides speaking and/or training through online bootcamps, or at events, schools, teams, churches and conferences. http://restoredministries.ca

Lorna Dueck
CCCI/YES TV CEO, Lorna Dueck, joins Maggie John and to share about some exciting Advent Content for children with the Host for Hey Meisha!. http://100huntley.com http://intothecastle.com

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Shirley Thiessen
It's not if, but when. Those who love will also grieve. To our detriment, society would rather sanitize or skip over the topic of grief. Twelve days after her son's wedding, Shirley Thiessen was thrown into the unimaginable task of planning his funeral. Grief threatened to extinguish her purpose for living. Gradually, hope and resiliency emerged as Shirley learned to recycle the pain of loss for good purposes. While everyone's grief journey is unique, there are tips to be shared and missteps to avoid. http://cornerbend.com

Friday, November 15th, 2019

Micah Tyler
It’s hard to imagine how many times Micah Tyler spent his days wondering ‘what’s next,’ while driving a sausage delivery truck across southeast Texas. Not an easy move for a guy in his late 20s living in somewhat-reclusive Buna, Texas with a wife, three kids, and no strong connection to the music industry, at the time. “I just knew I had to be obedient and step out into music full time,” Micah recalls. “I told the Lord, ‘I don’t know how to be a professional musician, but you’ve taught me to be faithful.’ It was a daily decision to wake up every morning and stop worrying about tomorrow.” On the verge of releasing his debut EP, Different (out November 4), through Fair Trade Services. The lead single from that project, “Never Been a Moment” is not only one of the biggest radio singles from a breakout act in 2016, it turned out to be more autobiographical in context than he even planned. “Writing this record brought to the surface a lot of insecurities I’ve dealt with my entire life.” Micah says. “These songs are battle-tested,” says Micah. “I want to live the music I’m writing. When someone comes up to me after a concert and tells me how my songs affected them, I want to make sure they know I can relate.” 100 Huntley Street sits down to talk with Micah at the kick-off event for MercyMe’s “Imagination Nation” Tour. http://micahtyler.com

Kevin Pauls
The Spirit of Christmas Variety Show with Kevin Pauls and Friends features an incredible line up of multi award-winning star performers: Crystal Lewis, Ashley Cleveland, Joel Parisien, Chris Rodriguez, Ron Hemby, Billy Simon, Bonnie Keen, Tabitha Fair, Ali Matthews, an electrifying house band and Comedian Leland Klassen. You won't want to miss these must-see performances and collaborations! And this year's event will be recorded for a television special airing in 2020! http://kevinpauls.com