Upcoming Guests
Monday, September 14th, 2020

Jonathan Parnell
Jonathan Parnell is the lead pastor of Cities Church in Minneapolis-St.Paul, a church he and his team planted in 2015. He is the Send Network’s City Missionary in the Twin Cities, where he also serves as a church-planting trainer. He is the author of Mercy for Today: A Daily Prayer from Psalm 51 (2020), Never Settle for Normal: The Proven Path to Significance and Happiness (2017) and coauthor of How to Stay Christian in Seminary (2014). He and his wife, Melissa, live in the Twin Cities with their eight children. About the book… Do we just need God’s grace in dark and shameful moments? Are prayers for mercy only for those times when we really mess up? Jonathan Parnell says we need God’s mercy all the time. We will learn – how to pray a daily, memorable prayer derived from Psalm 51 - How to practice daily repentance and soul care - How to pursue God and experience his joy in the Christian life. http://jonathanparnell.com

Jason Barbeck
The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) is a division of A.C.T. Canada (Artists in Christian Testimony) which is a charitable not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to showcase, promote, educate, and encourage appreciation of faith, family, and independent films. Every year at the CIFF Film Festival we exhibit and celebrate the most outstanding faith and family content produced in every part of the world. Films are selected and nominated by a panel of judges on the basis of content, quality and originality. Faith Based Films are a defined and recognized genre in the film industry specific to Christian faith-based films. There is a growing demand for these films, and yet most global film festivals will not showcase them, and corporations will not invest in them, especially in Canada. They will support just about anything except...! Family films include children's films, and films suitable for the entire family. In today's culture we don't all agree with what Hollywood produces for family viewing. CIFF supports and champions new films that are suitable for entertaining and uplifting family audiences around the world. Because these genres and objectives are no supported by global film festivals, or by corporate sponsors wanting to be politically correct, festivals such as CIFF can only accomplish their mission through the generous support of organizations and individuals with a passion for making sure we all have access to these films. The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival is one of the fastest growing segments of the international film festival markets, and the only one of its kind in Canada. Film lovers, industry professionals and media outlets will celebrate the best in new faith and family cinema from established and emerging filmmakers and talent. In our 4th year as a Film Festival and with a presence in over 22 countries, we are well on our way to being an international leader in the faith-based film & music culture. This year they have submissions from over 25 countries.http://cifflix.com

Kevin Sorbo
Kevin is on our Directors panel that will screen on Sept 19th before the awards show. He is also nominated for Best Documentary “Before the Wrath” as Narrator. http://kevinsorbo.net

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Brody Haight
Recovered from chemical dependence (cocaine, alcohol etc.). He is involved in street ministry, planting house churches, equipping churches to share the gospel, leading international mission trips around the globe. His last mission trio was Africa. He is newly married. As a child, Brody grew up in a loving, hard-working and supportive family. Growing up they didn't practice going to church, but overall he had concept of who God was. At a early age Brody struggled with learning, anxiety and depression. In grade school Brody began to smoke Marijuana, which led to an addiction to alcohol and cocaine. Over the course of 10 years Brody overdosed 3x, was arrested countless times and hospitalized. He spent time in provincial jail, in rehab institutions, attended addiction classes, mental health classes, and had multiple near-death experiences. About 6 years ago Brody hit his lowest point and life was totally unmanageable. He ended up at a private rehabilitation center and during the first conversation he had with a man there, he was told “Brody You need God”. When he asked who God was? He said, "Brody that is for you to find out." That comment started him on a spiritual journey of searching who God was. Brody said, "The best decision I ever made was to turn from my sin and put my faith in Jesus Christ. Today because of Jesus his life & focus has been completely turned around. Brody works for e3Partners/ I am Second. He is a fulltime self-funded missionary raising support. His position is a Canadian Coach. Brody is involved in mobilizing multiple church’s in Canada to evangelize the community and around the World, providing teaching tools and ways to engage others with the Gospel. http://e3ministry.ca http://iamsecond.com

Rick Osborne
Growing up, Rick was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia and this was challenging for him. In his teens Rick discovered he had a love for working on sports cars and he found his passion. Tragically, at 15, Rick was taken by a guy who injected him with heroin; he was bullied, assaulted by strangers and he blamed himself until he eventually ran away from home. At this point, Rick began his life of crime and by age 19, he was designated as one of the most dangerous men in Canada. At age 21, Rick was arrested for numerous armed robberies, assaults, and other crimes which led to his sentence to 25 years in prison. After serving 15 years, Rick was put into solitary confinement and reached a point where he wanted to take his own life, but, thankfully he heard his dad’s voice saying “if it’s all lost Rick, try one more time”. Rick had been reading the New Testament and so he prayed “God let me die like a thief on the cross next to you”. Rick ended up giving his heart to God and stopped his drug use. Three years later, Rick became the third person to ever get a University Degree while serving time in a penitentiary. After his release, he started a youth charity called Ozzy’s Garage. Through this work Rick helps troubled teen boys, much like he once was, and spend his time teaching them about building Harley’s, hotrods, and trusting God.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Janet Little
Janet has always had a heart for people who want more in life but may not know how to go about it. Her kind, gentle no-nonsense approach leaves you feeling “there is a way and I have a plan”. Janet’s faith, experiences, training, studies in business, women’s ministry, death/dying, and crisis management have developed her into who she is today. As a leader, an advocate, a writer and a speaker she will encourage you to live in the joy, peace and freedom that is intended for each of us. Her husband and best friend Gord, she will tell you, is her greatest gift. http://mytearswereforher.com

Sound of Your Love
One group of people created a unique solution to bridge the gap for those not able to see their loved ones with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Here's the story of Sound of Your Love. http://soundofyourlove.com

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Kayla Stoecklein
A pastor's wife's shattering yet ultimately hopeful story of her husband's death by suicide, her journey to understand mental illness, and the light she found in the darkness. On August 25, 2018, Kayla Stoecklein lost her husband, Andrew--megachurch pastor of Inland Hills Church in Chino, California--to suicide. In the wake of the tragedy, she embarked on a brave journey to better understand his harrowing battle with mental illness and, ultimately, to overcome the stigma of suicide. Fear Gone Wild is her intimate account of all that led to that tragic day, including her husband's panic attacks and debilitating bouts of anxiety and depression. Despite their deep faith in God and the countless prayers of many believers, Andrew was never healed of his illness. Turning to Scripture for answers, she discovered that God uses wilderness experiences to prepare His children--including Jesus--for his greater purpose and to work miracles inside our souls. With a clear-eyed acknowledgment of how misguided and misinformed she was about mental illness, Kayla Stoecklein shares her story in hopes that anyone walking through the wilderness of mental illness will be better equipped for the journey and will learn to put their hope in Jesus through it all. http://kaylastoecklein.com

Friday, September 18th, 2020

Nik Wallenda
Nik Wallenda is the face of the Flying Wallendas, the famous circus family known for performing crazy feats without safety nets. Nik is also known for his daring televised tightrope walks, including over Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and, in 2020, he will walk over an active volcano. Nik is a seventh-generation member of the Flying Wallendas and has been walking the wire since he took his first steps, but he had never experienced fear until a tragic accident in 2017. The eight-person pyramid he and several members of his family were practicing collapsed, and five of its members fell thirty feet to the ground. Miraculously, they all survived, but the accident changed Nik’s life forever. For the first time, he felt fear, and he had to learn to get past it to get back out on the wire. Most of us will never walk a tightrope, but we face things that scare us every day. Whether putting ourselves out there socially or seeking a dream job, all of us allow anxieties and fears to hold us back. Facing Fear is a reader-centric memoir, interweaving parts of Nik’s personal story of the accident and how he conquered his fear with practical advice for readers to overcome whatever fears are holding them back. This practical book will help everyday people step out in faith and trust that God will hold them steady, even when they’re afraid. http://nikwallenda.com