Upcoming Guests
Monday, August 13th, 2018

Adriel Booker
Adriel is a writer, speaker, bible teacher, and mentor with a passion to help people connect with Jesus, find their place in the world, and usher in the Kingdom through everyday spirituality. Adriel is also the lead advocate and visionary behind the "Love A Mama Collective" a community of women empowering women through maternal health initiatives in developing nations. Adriel says "We have a beautiful life, but that doesn’t mean we’re unacquainted with hardship or pain. I’ve lost three babies to miscarriage and have a deep conviction to help others grasp a theology of suffering in order that we can better understand Jesus and the world around us. I’ve learned that suffering and joy don’t have to be at war with one another, and both lead us straight back to the heart of God if we’re willing." Her first book "Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss" . is the story of how God births beautiful things out of our heartache, but mostly, it’s the story of us—you and I and the sisterhood of the bereaved—and the hope that our beautiful Jesus offers. http://adrielbooker.com/

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Theresa Malila
Theresa Malila is the Founder and Executive Director of Somebody Cares Ministries and the Senior Group Village Headman where she oversees more than half a million people. Her status has given her the opportunity to developed and implemented alongside communities - a model of Biblically based “Community led Transformation”- essentially communities becoming self-governing and self-sustainable. Theresa is continuing to work in the area of ending Gender Based Violence. Along with this she started the first rape crisis counselling Centre in the country. Theresa has been selected as one of One World Action’s 100 women: The Unseen Powerful Women Who Change the World. In the midst of her esteemed status however, Theresa continues to be one who sits with widows and orphans in their small huts, spending time with those that need love the most.

Lucas Lee
At a difficult time in his life a friend of Lucas' invited him to attend church. There the Pastor asked if he had a relationship with God, but it was till later that day when he realized that he didn’t know who God was, but that God was offered grace and love. There in his bedroom Lucas said "yes" to Jesus. "You’re my King. 100 Percent".

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Cathie Orfali
Cathie has worked as a financial advisor since 1997 and for the past 10 years as President of Money Advisors. Cathie enjoys her work as managing member of the Orfali Group LLC, a real estate investment company in the United States. One of Cathie’s other interests includes fundraising & volunteering with the homeless and poor in Ottawa, Egypt and Guatemala. Cathie is a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation of Canada. She is also a Certified Global Priority Solutions Specialist — an organization that is a world leader implementing the message of value-based leadership and developing value-driver leaders. www.moneyadvisors.ca

Margaret Etcher Theriault
Adopted at a very young age, Margaret accepted Jesus as her Saviour at the young age of 7 while attending a Christian Camp. Margaret loved to read Bible stories and sing songs about Jesus and knew that her sins were forgiven. As the years passed by and Margaret reached her 20’s, she began to question her Christianity and whether or not she was a ‘good’ Christian. Margaret lost her father suddenly when she was 28. Living on her own in a basement apartment Margaret reached the lowest point of her life. She cried a lot of tears and it was during this time that Margaret turned to scripture and began to journal. Through this she learned that Jesus is her Father and she clung to truth found in Psalm 68:5 where she read that God is a Father to the fatherless and sets the lonely in families. After marrying, Margaret began a search for her biological family and through all of the seasons of her life, Margaret has found healing and hope through her journey of faith and trust in her Heavenly Father Who she talks with all the time in prayer. Margaret hopes that her story will bring hope and help to others who may struggle with their adoption story and that they may realize that their true and lasting identity is found in God.

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Kris Pagan
Kris Pagan is a missionary to Thailand. He joins us today by Skype to discuss the 12 boys who where trapped in a cave and are now back home.

Ray Wieler
Ray Wieler is President at Children's Camps International. Children’s Camps International is an evangelical, non-denominational organization that has been promoting the dynamic work of children’s camping ministry around the world since 2003. They work together with the indigenous church to reach the children of the developing world. Through Children’s Camps International, since 2003 1.9 million kids have heard the message of Jesus Christ and have received weekly follow up for 1 year. They believe God has called them to reach 1 million kids each and every year. On August 4,2018 Children’s Camps International is holding a world record event in Winkler Manitoba where they will have 300 combines harvest a field at one time. The goal is to bring awareness of our desire to see God move and change nations. ccicamps.com harvestforkids.com

Friday, August 17th, 2018

Abdu Murray
Abdu Murray is North American Director with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and President/Co-Founder Embrace the Truth International. For most of his life, Abdu was a proud Muslim who studied the Qur’an and Islam. After a nine year investigation into the historical, philosophical, and scientific underpinnings of the major world religions and views, Abdu discovered that the historic Christian faith alone can answer the questions of the mind and the longings of the heart. Abdu has just released his new book "Saving Truth", in which he seeks to challenges Christians to consider how they have played a part in fostering the Culture of Confusion through bad arguments, unwise labeling, and emotional attacks. Saving Truth provides arguments from a Christian perspective for the foundations of truth and how those foundations apply to sexuality, identity, morality, and spirituality. For those enmeshed in the culture of confusion, the book offers a way to untangle oneself and find hope in the clarity that Christ offers.

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