Upcoming Guests
Monday, June 18th, 2018

Earl Phillips
Mr. Earl Phillips is the Executive Director, Trinity Western University School of Law and will be discussing with our Hosts the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in the Trinity Western University Law School Case. https://www.twu.ca/

Teresa Swanstrom Anderson
Teresa Swanstrom Anderson is living the life she thought she never wanted. With an art history degree and dreams of living in Europe as a curator, Teresa had big plans for herself. After a decision to lay her exciting plans at the feet of Christ, God began changing her heart little by little and began dating the man who eventually became her husband. Teresa’s life is a series of redirected dreams, stumbling, falling, getting up, and wondering if she is investing her time where it matters most. Through it all, she aims to see beauty everywhere and grasp joy tightly. And some days she actually manages to pull it off. Teresa grew up in Seattle, but spent her middle school years in Guatemala and has a deep love for people in third-world countries. Now living in Denver, Colorado with their loud and silly brood of 6, she spends her days wiping off sticky counters, Instagramming, and blogging at www.teresaswanstromanderson.com.

John Stackhouse
Dr. John Stackhouse is a Teacher at Regent College in Vancouver as welll as a scholar and public communicator who analyzes multiple intersections of contemporary religion and society. He is also the author of "Can God Be Trusted? - Faith and the Challenge of Evil". www.johnstackhouse.com

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Dean Niewolny
Dean Niewolny has been a top tier manager and successful executive in the financial service industry, as well as an active member of Willow Creek Community Church, along with his wife Lisa. It was through trips to Africa that they both felt a definite tug on their hearts for the orphaned and the widowed. They recently completed an orphan home outside of Durbin as well as helping support Orphan Network. In 2010 He left the marketplace to take on the role of Managing Director of Halftime. http://www.halftime.org

Harvey Katz
Harvey Katz, a Noted Bible Teacher & Seasoned Holy Land Traveler has extensive experience immersing people into the land of the Bible. the 100 Huntley Street Hosts will be joining Harvey Katz on a trip to Israel in 2019 to produce Easter Special programming from Israel. http://www.crossroads.ca/israeltour

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Nathan Middleton
Four friends embarked on a teaching mission to a college in India. At the facility where they were teaching, they found themselves on the balcony of the 2nd floor where some electrical wires could be seen hanging low from somewhere above them. Tragically, Nathan got in contact with one of the wires and was violently electrocuted. His friend, Yeabsira, tried to save Nathan and he was also electrocuted. Yeabsira’s girlfriend Alyssa witnessed the entire event unfold. Sadly, Yeabsira lost his life that day. Nathan was pronounced dead for approximately 30 minutes, but miraculously, with no resuscitation, his heart began beating again. Nathan should have suffered many setbacks following this tragic accident, but they are here to share the amazing story of how God completely healed Nathan and the way God ministered to them and carried them through this tragedy. Today they continue to share the Gospel with renewed passion and appreciation for life as they desire to live their lives for fully for God. www.victoryasia.com www.dreamsuncuffed.org

Alyssa Redner

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Barry Chalifoux
Barry Chalifoux is the Global Development Manager, Gideons International In Canada. He grew up in a dysfunctional home environment and at the age of 9 he felt his life was hopeless. His mother was involved in drugs & alcohol, his father abandoned the family. Believing the lies that it wasn't going to get any better, Barry made a choice to end his life. But God had different plans for Barry's life. Barry has a lived a life of inspiring youth and young adults around the world. Coming from Aboriginal decent, Barry has been a key factor in inspiring countless aboriginal and non-aboriginal teens in Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Hilda Morin
Hilda was very young when she was removed from her family and taken by bus to a residential school. Being placed in a foreign environment, separated from her siblings, Hilda was stripped of her traditional clothing and told she was no longer allowed to speak Cree. If she did, she was punished. After years of dealing with the painful memories incurred at the school, Hilda shares how she met Jesus and has overcome the painful memories of the past.

Crystal Lavallee
When Crystal was very young she accepted Jesus into my heart, but it wasn't until she was in grade 7, at camp, where His presence overwhelmed her heart. In 2010 Crystal discovered she was a Metis. This was before she had launched "I Am Compelled" – an educational charity that engages youth in Canadian heritage and heroes, all the while compelling them towards good deeds. Finding out she was Metis, forced Crystal to look at the skeletons in our country's closest - the residential schools, the mistreatment of the First People's, the communities that sit in darkness and despair. Learning about her heritage has empowered Crystal to redeem the years that were stolen, broken or mistreated www.iamcompelled.ca

Susan Aglukark
Susan Aglukark is a 3x Juno Award winning Inuk singer/songwriter. Today Susan will share of her personal journey of overcoming and share about the Arctic Rose Foundation which she established to help children suffering from trauma, abuse, addiction. http://www.susanaglukark.com

Alicia Blore
Alicia is the Education Officer, Metis Nation of Ontario

Tommy Bird
Tommy Bird is a World Champion Dog Musher, Trapper & Fisherman. He will provide for us an inside look into the life of the Cree People.

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Anthony Greco
Anthony Greco experienced an incredible transformation that radically changed his life forever! He believed that Jesus was alive and what the Bible said, was true! That simple faith and hunger for more lead ‘Tony the pizza guy’ for 14 years around the world witnessing miracles in missions, and now, founder and pastor of a thriving church in Calgary AB. https://www.calgarylifechurch.com/

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