It fills you

When you're hungry
Dying of thirst
Nothing left inside and
All alone

You hunger
You wander in a land where there is no food
Dry, Empty and void

But then I come.

I am the Bread of life

When you come to me you will be filled 
Hunger disappears
You will thirst no more

Come, all who are weary,
All who are weak. 
Draw near to me.

I will feed you
I will give you rest

I will come, giving bread in the wilderness.

Here you will find welcome without end,
A table filled with plenty

I won't stop at what you need
No, I will give you so much more
No jar, no plate, no container will be able to hold my gifts to you

I will overflow more than you need. 
I will satisfy and fulfill
I will delight your soul

It's everlasting.
It's overwhelming.
It never ends.

It's my promise to you.

â€ĶI have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. - Jeremiah 31:3