Bill and Bev Beck share their life story on how God brought Bill back to life after he suffered a severe cardiac arrest on June 3, 2014.

Bev received a phone call from the hospital that Bill had died. Bev told the paramedics that she wanted to talk to him through the phone. She told Bill that God loves him and that she loves him. What she found out later was the paramedics were able to get a heartbeat, but not much progress was made.  It was not until about two in the morning that Bev met with the doctor who said that it was very bleak. Bev was concerned on how she was going to be alone. She knew he was happy as she knew where he was going. For twelve days there was no response. The doctors gave Bev the OK to pull the plug. Bev decided that at 5 o'clock that Friday would be when she would do it. She received a call the next morning from the doctors saying that she needed to go to the hospital as Bill was not dead.

Bill was doing well ten days after he woke up. He was released from the hospital and able to walk and talk. Bev, the family and the nurses were shocked. Bill has come back way more than she thought would ever happen.