April 13 / 100 WORDS


Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 15

Key Verse: 2 Samuel 15:31

Then someone told David, saying, "Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom." And David said, "O Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!"

David's in big trouble here. From Chapter 12 onward, His story, and that of his family, reads like a horror novel. There is incest, murder, palace intrigue, outright treason, and civil war. David's much-loved son, Absalom, after four years of political manipulation, makes his move to seize power, usurping his father's throne.

To King David, nothing was more threatening than that Ahithophel, David's most trusted and wise counselor, was part of the plot. David reasoned that if he could just outwit Ahithophel's counsel, Absalom's rule would be shortened and he would return to his throne. It's worthwhile to note how David sets out to accomplish this. Firstly, David prays, not against Ahithophel personally, but against the counsel Ahithophel is giving to Absalom. Secondly, David composes the 3rd Psalm, David's prayer and confession of confidence in God.


Lord God, we pray for wisdom. May we learn to always put our trust in You, worshiping You and confessing our confidence in You, even when we may not feel like it. Please give us grace to back up our prayers with obedience. In the Name of the One who always does this, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

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