Men's Street Ministry / ROGER BOYD

Chaplain Roger Boyd was moved to clean out his closet during a Sunday church service in 2016. That day he took the clothing directly to the streets and handed them out to men at the Salvation Army. He asked the men if they liked soup (they said YES). From that moment Men's Street Ministry was born. So, Roger and his wife, Janet, started this ministry with a pot of soup and some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With the help of volunteers, they now serve 40 gallons of soup and over 800 sandwiches to the homeless and less fortunate each week. They go directly to the streets in Hamilton and Brantford with food and clothing for the homeless and less fortunate. When Covid-19 hit, Roger and his team of volunteer quickly adjusted their process to ensure compliance with physical distancing mandates so that their ministry could continue. "My message isn't complicated; it's about the truth, it's about love, caring and God's grace." - Chaplain Roger Boyd