Brantford Blessing Centre
For more than 30 years, The Brantford Blessing Centre has provided an active community outreach and interdenominational ministry of providing food and basic necessities to Brantford residents in need of help. We truly believe "Hope Starts with A Hot Meal," and, in a welcoming and safe place for each and every person who walks through our doors, we will continue to provide any hope we can to those in our community who need a helping hand. The Brantford Blessing Centre was founded and established in 1982 as an effective, longstanding and necessary program in our community under the umbrella of Operation Blessing - an outreach program that provided aid to the poor and marginalized in various cities, including in Brantford. With the tireless support of countless volunteer hours provided by members of more than a dozen local congregations, the Blessing Centre has become a well-known and safe place in Brantford for anyone to enjoy a hot meal, warmth and fellowship. Six days each week, groups of dedicated volunteers prepare, cook and serve food to those in need of meals living in our city. When anyone walks into the Blessing Centre, they are greeted with friendly warmth, a hot meal and the love of Christ. We believe that Christ called on his followers to provide help to those in need. Anyone is welcome at the Blessing Centre. That is how Christ served the underprivileged, and we seek to follow his example. That is how we serve our community. http://brantfordblessingcentre.org