Tania Meikle

Tania Meikle is the Co-founder and Co-Senior Pastor of Kingdom House Christian Centre and is the Executive Director of Administration. She is also an ambassador for The Power of Her with World Vision Canada and serves on the Board for Crossroads Christian Communications, Inc.

Tania Meikle has various other endeavours that reach out to effect change in the lives of women and children around the world. As a catalyst for spiritual, social and personal change, she is driven by the vision of “Transforming Lives and Fulfilling Destinies”, and works diligently in ministry with her husband, Rob Meikle, who is also the former CIO for the City of Toronto.

Tania Meikle is a native of Toronto, Ontario and is a fifth generation Canadian. She is an Honors recipient of a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in the area of Biology with a minor in Religion, from the University of Toronto. When she graduated, she worked at the Wellesley Hospital in the Lupus Research department, but soon after having her first child decided to stay home, raise her children and became self-employed.

Once her children were in school and in line with her true destiny and calling, she became a licensed Minister and was ordained as a Reverend in 2006 and launched Kingdom House Christian Centre. Empowered by her genuine love for people, she makes it her mission to live with excellence, compassion, balance and integrity. With this purpose, she has spent the last 25 years making a tangible contribution and difference in the lives of many through the various community and social programs she has spearheaded. With a particular passion to see women advance and achieve their greatest potential in every area of life, she receives invitations to speak across Canada and internationally as she presents a compelling message and lifestyle that inspires, challenges and encourages others. Her speaking will invite you to examine your life and encourage you to grow as she delivers messages with clarity, insight and wisdom. She has the unique ability to see the beauty and potential in everyone and spends her life empowering people to see it in themselves and it’s been said, “You change because she came your way”.

Tania currently resides in the city of Brampton with her loving husband Rob and her wonderful 2 children, Bryanna and Jayden.