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Full Episode: May 23, 2022
Featured guests: Jodie and Billy Ballenger, Sheila Walsh, Steven Carleton.
How to Get Where God Has Called You / STEVEN CARLETON
Steven Carleton shares a teaching from Mark 5.
You Are Not Your Past / SHEILA WALSH
Sheila Walsh shares about making peace with our past so we can move forward.
Finding Hope at a Gas Station / BILLY & JODIE BALLENGER
Billy & Jodie Ballenger have a story that reads like a movie script. For years they lived lives tormented by their own painful upbringings and destructive choices but there is SO MUCH hope in their lives today.
May 23 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with Ron Mainse is from Revelation 16 and Revelation 16:5 is the key verse.
May 22 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with Ron Mainse is from Revelation 15 and Revelation 15:4a is the key verse.
May 21 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with Ron Mainse is from Revelation 14 and Revelation 14:3a is the key verse.
Light in a dark world / ANTHEM LIGHTS
ANTHEM LIGHTS Caleb Grimm, Spencer Kane, Joey Stamper and Chad Graham, have discovered massive success after their music videos, vocal talent, and creativity has made them viral sensations around the world.
Digital evangelism / rejection / RASHAWN COPELAND
Lara welcomes Digital Evangelist Rashawn Copeland. This third in a series this month to talk about social media. Today - digital evangelism and rejection.
So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.
- Ephesians 5:33 NLT
Dear God, you ordained the institute of marriage and have given guidelines to have a successful union. You never complicate your instructions but give them only for our good. Teach us to love and respect each other and to live in peace and harmony. May we do things your way.