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Friday April 19, 2024

Carrie Sheffield

Columnist and Broadcaster Author “Motorhome Prophecies: A Journey of Healing and Forgiveness” In the vein of Educated and Hillbilly Elegy comes a young woman’s memoir chronicling her harrowing journey from despair to salvation that showcases the depths and resilience of the human spirit and empowers readers on their own paths toward healing, forgiveness, and redemption. Carrie Sheffield grew up fifth of eight children with a violent, mentally ill, street-musician father who believed he was a modern-day Mormon prophet destined to become U.S. president someday. She and her seven siblings were often forced to live as vagabonds, remaining on the move across the country. They frequently subsisted in sheds, tents, and, most notably, motorhomes. They often lived a dysfunctional drifter existence, camping out in their motorhome in Walmart parking lots. Carrie attended 17 public schools and homeschool, all while performing classical music on the streets and passing out fire-and-brimstone religious pamphlets—at times while child custody workers loomed. Carrie’s father was eventually excommunicated from the official LDS Church, and she was the first of her siblings to escape the toxic brainwashing of his fundamentalist creed. Declared legally estranged from her parents, Carrie struggled with her mental health during college and for most of her adult life. But she eventually seized control of her life, transcended her troubled past, and overcame her toxic inner voice (and a near death experience)—thanks to the power of forgiveness, cultivated through her conversion to Christianity. She evolved from a scared and abused motorhome-dwelling girl to a Harvard-educated professional with a passion for empowering others to reject the cycles of poverty, depression, and self-hatred. Motorhome Prophecies is the story of Carrie’s unbelievable, yet in many ways, very American journey. It resonates with those trapped in difficult situations and awes all who are enchanted by the depths and resilience of the human spirit.

Thursday April 18, 2024

Janet McHenry

Author “Praying Personalities: Finding Your Natural Prayer Style” Discover the particular way God designed you to connect with Him through prayer. You should pray in the morning. You should write out your prayers. You should make prayer lists and pray through them every day. You should pray with others or out loud. We've all heard the "you shoulds" of prayer from pulpits, presenters, and well-meaning friends. But when none of these ways to pray feel natural, what's next? In this book the author helps readers determine their particular praying personality by examining the praying styles of biblical people, spiritual gifts, and various ideas about personality, including the classic temperaments, the Enneagram, and more. McHenry includes scores of bulleted suggestions for developing a praying lifestyle that works for individuals. She has also created a Praying Personality Quiz for readers (available in the book and online) to help narrow down the style that will most naturally fit into how they process a prayer life.

Wednesday April 17, 2024

Roxy Flett-Ross

Worship Leader, Singer, Song Writer Roxy Flett-Ross shares how God enabled her to overcomes cycles of abuse, trauma and inadequacy, and how through her voice and the True message she shares, other Indigenous people are set free.

Tuesday April 16, 2024

Collin Jonathan Alfred

Beating the Stereotypes Community Organization Collin Jonathan Alfred is known as “chop” at Gore Park in Hamilton, Ontario where he gives free haircuts for anyone who stops by. Collin says he is paid in conversations with the people who sit in his chair.

Monday April 15, 2024

Edgardo G. Gonzales

Personal Testimony Author “Somebody Believes” What is the power of hope? What happens when somebody believes? Edgardo G. Gonzales grew up in the poverty-stricken district of Tondo in Manila, Philippines as one of ten children. Raised by his strong and resourceful mother, life changed dramatically when he was sponsored by the Christian Children's Fund (now Children Believe) and World Vision Philippines. Sponsorship provided him not only bread and school supplies, but hope, self-respect, and inspiration. Somebody Believes is Gonzales’ autobiography, tracking his extraordinary life over six decades to present day and his current work for World Vision Canada. Today, Gonzales’ example encourages us to believe in ourselves, in God, and in one another. Edgardo Gonzales joined World Vision Canada in 2007, having grown up in the Philippines as a former World Vision sponsored child. In his work for the Philanthropy Team, he formed the Multicultural Council, a group of twelve leaders from diverse ethnic and faith backgrounds unified in tackling global poverty and social injustice. Gonzales is a sought-after speaker throughout Canada. Edgardo lives in Pickering, Ontario with his wife, Marilou and son, Rafael. Somebody Believes is his first published work.