Full Episode: April 29, 2016
Featured: Proclaim the Gospel - Special Programming
Life Stories: The Davidsons
If it wasn't for your generous financial support, we would never be able to tell the great stories of people who have been transformed by Christ's love and who are now making a difference. K.R. and Gail Davidson know all about making a difference
It's a Two Way Conversation
Cheryl Weber speaks with Shauna Cowden about the importance of our presence on social media
Reaching Out to Families
Shelly Calcagno shares about how we come alongside families.
Impact Through our Prayer Lines
We discuss the impact the the Crossroads Prayer Lines have all around the world.
Support in the Ukraine
We discuss the support that we have provided to those in need in the Ukraine.
The Suicide Epidemic in First Nations Communities
Cheryl Weber speaks with Steve Carleton of the Arctic Hope project about bringing support to the people of the aboriginal communities as they face a suicide crisis along with other issues.
Your Donation is Helping Trafficked Children in Cambodia
Cheryl Weber brings us an update on Christopher Neil's case and how Crossroads played a role in bringing him to justice.
Do We All Go To Heaven? / IMAGINE HEAVEN
Carey Nieuwhof speaks to John Burke about his book "Imagine Heaven"
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