A prayerful legacy | Muriel Stevenson

For many years, Muriel served as one of our faithful 100 Huntley Street Prayer Partners. Muriel served as a missionary in India for 34 years, and in 1987 she came home.  Although it was difficult, she knew it was the timing of the Lord. While watching the 100 Huntley Street telecast she heard that Solomon Naz was going to have a Hindi program. This idea touched a soft spot in her heart and so she called him to tell him that she would be praying for him. Later he invited her to help host the program which she did for about a year and a half. Muriel has shared that the Lord has prompted her to prepare a book of daily devotionals entitled, “In God’s Presence.” The devotionals include scripture readings, meditations, poems and prayers.  Recently, Muriel celebrated her 101st birthday and we were grateful to be able to visit her and celebrate her life.